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Features :

Advance Call-Center

Predictive Dialing

Progressive Dialing

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Advance Mutli-Tenant

Companies / Clients can assign the roles and permission to the sub-accounts. All the resources of the company / tenant account are shared among sub accounts and sub - accounts can use these resources provided the sub-account has permission to do so.

Agent Performance Reports

agent rating is now introduced. Now the customer / call recipient can rate the agent according to his performance on a scale of 1 - 5. The agent evaluation summary report is also prepared that helps us to evaluate the performance of agents.

Dedicated Trunk

ICTBroadcast is a multi-tenant autodialer that can send thousands of voice messages, text messages, emails, and fax simultaneously through campaigns. All this data is transmitted when Trunks is configured in ICTBroadcast. There are two ways to configure trunks

Dynamic Dialer

Dynamic / Permanent mode requires REST API's. With this mode activated , campaign always remain in listening mode, It accepts contact number from external application / CRM using Rest APi in real time and add said contact / lead into contact list of campaign and said contact called real time and necessary action performed on it,

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