Download ICTBroadcast


Please make sure that you meet following requirements before you proceed with installation.
Dedicated server Minimum core2due 3.0 ghz with 2 GB Ram and 160 GB Hard Disk New installation of CentOS 6.x without any additional software or control panel.

Step 1. RPM Package Installation

Please issue following command as "root" on CentoOs? 6.x server.
First of all install EPEL repository, it will provide all required dependencies required by the ICTBroadcast.
# yum -y install

After that install ICTBroadcast repository.
# yum -y install repo/6/x86_64/ict-release-6-2.noarch.rpm

Step 2. Install ICTBroadcast

# yum -y install ictbroadcast

Step 3. Database setup

After installation is complete, open your browser and point it to your server ip address / host name followed by install.php like http://your-host-or-ip/install.php. Fill the form and submit. It will setup ICTBroadcast database on new server (it may take several minutes so be patient) when done you can proceed with product registration.

Step 4. Registration

After database setup browser will be redirected to registration screen, here you have to enter license information. But before you proceed you need to get license key from our Service Portal. And click on "Choose Another Category" link at top.

To get the key you have to Login At Service Portal (Login information can be found in Welcome email).

After login visit (top menu) Services -> My Services and then click on Details in front of corresponding service / product. here you can find your License Key