$300.00 USD

ICTFax Community Edition Installation
We offer following services with this installation package

We Will
    * Install ICTFAX along with its dependencies on your server.

    * Configure your VoIP account with ICTFAX and configure inbound / outbound faxing.

    * Test Web / Email to Fax (outbound ) as well Fax to Email (inbound) functionality.

    * Support Services for one week after installation to make sure that our customer facing no issue in using ICTFax application.

ICTFax features

Outbound Faxing
    * Open Source Complete open source solution based re-known open source freeswitch communication engine .

    * Email / Web to Fax functionality requires Fax supported (T.38) Voip Provider Account or PSTN/Voip Gateway.

Inbound Faxing
    * Fax to Email functionality requires fax supported DID's.

ATA / Extension Configuration
    * T.38 FAX Machine will be required to send / receive fax however ATA will be required for Analog Fax

Append Email body as Fax page
    * Email message / body will be appended after Fax cover page and before original Fax documentT

Cover sheet support
    * There is option to print a cover page with information like recipient and sender contact information

Following are requirements to have your own ICTFax setup

    * Dual Core 3.0 GHZ with 4 GB Ram and 200 GB hard disk minimum
    * SSH access to RockyLinux 8.x , RedHAT Enterprise 8.x, CentOS 7.x or Amazon Linux 2
    * Voip Provider Credentials with Fax support (T.38 or G.711 pass through)
    * DID for Incoming Fax (optional )