$8000.00 USD

ICTFax SP Scalable Edition
ICTFax SP Scalable Edition is turnkey business solution for global organizations and service providers that enable them to setup scalable and global fax solution for their customers, market and resale to their customers with their brand name

ICTFax SP Scalble Edition features

    * Include All Features listed for ICTFax Service Provider Edition in addition to following

    * Open Source MPL License

    * Installable RPM package with branding ICTFax RPM package enable customer to install on unlimited servers

    * Setting up of development environment at your premises

    * Support services in setting up of scalable ICTFax setup on-premises or on cloud like amazon aws, azure cloud or google cloud

$1200.00 USD

ICTFax Service Provider Edition
ICTFax Service Provider Edition is professional software solution for organizations as well as internet telephony service providers that enable them to offer internat fax / online Fax services to their customers like efax or myfax .

We will
    * Install ICTFAX along with its dependencies on your server.

    * Configure your VoIP account with ICTFAX and configure inbound / outbound faxing.

    * Test Web / Email to Fax (outbound ) as well Fax to Email (inbound) functionality.

    * Support Services for 15 days after installation to make sure that our customer facing no issue in using ICTFax application.

ICTFax Service Provider Edition features

    * Setup on single server .

    * Open Source GPL License based on open source freeswitch communication engine .

    * Unlimited Users there is no limit to add users , it all depends upon your requirements and server capacity .

   &;* White lable / Rebranding We will re-brand / private label ICTFax application with provided logo and title as asked .

    * User switching Admin can switch to any user and he will be function as he logged in as user and view user statistics

    * CDR Reports Option to view or download CDR reports
for further processing

    * REST API's Rest API make it much easier to integrate and automate business process with any third party application using Rest based API's

    * Multi tenant support every user will have separate web portal to manage his fax business

Outbound Faxing
    * Fax broadcasting Users can create groups of fax numbers and send bulk fax using fax broadcasting feature

    * Email / Web to Fax functionality requires Fax supported (T.38) Voip Provider Account or PSTN/Voip Gateway.

Inbound Faxing
    * Fax to Email functionality requires fax supported DID's.

ATA / Extension Configuration
    * T.38 FAX Machine will be required to send / receive fax however ATA will be required for Analog Fax

Append Email body as Fax page
    * Email message / body will be appended after Fax cover page and before original Fax documents

Cover sheet support
    * There is option to print a cover page with information like recipient and sender contact information

campaign wise cdr report
    * Each user will have complete CDR statistics campaign wise .

user wise daily and monthly quota
    * Admin can set user wise maximum daily and monthly usage limits and user will not be allowed to cross these set limits

Following are requirements to have your own ICTFax setup

    * Quad Core 3.2 GHZ with 8 GB Ram and One TB hard disk minimum
    * SSH access to REDHAT Enterprise 8.x, RockyLinux 8.x, Amazon Linux 2 or CentOS 7.x
    * Voip Provider Credentials with Fax support (T.38 or G.711 pass through)
    * DID for Incoming Fax (optional )