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Live Monitoring
ICTBroadcast provides a complete call tracking and monitoring system.
Admin can monitor active users load, live calls and gateway loads, as well as system and campaign statistics
Extrnal Call Center/Interactive Campaign
ICTBroadcast includes basic call center functionalities and can be integrated to work with an external call center for further support. Built-in Inbound and Interactive campaigns have all the ingredients of a call center solution.
1. Inbound Call Center
2. Outbound Call Center
3. Virtual Call Center
Campaign Statistics and Reporting
ICTBroadcast has chart based reporting that makes viewing and analyzing a campaign much easier. You can now view the contact details of those who answered your call, and of those where the call failed (due to Busy, No Answer, Congestion, Unknown error). You can export these contact lists for further processing.

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    ICTBroadcast Demo

    Demo of voice sms fax broadcasting software ICTBroadcast latest version is here Demo ICTBroadcast
    Username = admin
    Password = demo


    About Us

    ICT Innovations is open source based solution provider focused to provide innovative and reliable business solutions to Internet Telephony Service Providers.

    About Us

    About Us


    ICT Innovations is open source based solution provider focused to provide innovative and reliable business solutions to Internet Telephony Service Providers to find new ways to generate their revenue by offering innovative services The term ICT is abbreviation of Information and Communication technology and It is used to refer the convergence of IT and communications technologies , ICT consists of IT as well as telecommunication, unified communications, broadcast media, all types of audio and video processing and transmission and network based control and monitoring functions.

    Core Values

    Believe in positive.

    Committed to change.

    Working for innovations.

    ICT Innovations Vision

    ICT Innovations is struggling for complete open source based Unified Communications ecosystem as we, at ICT Innovations, believe that this will be foundation for a just world and a tool to fight against exploitation.

    ICT Innovations Team

    ICT Innovations is a team of innovative, positive, objective, highly qualified and research oriented professionals having in depth knowledge of broad spectrum of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) with extensive experience in open source Softwares, LAMP Development, Linux platforms, TCP/IP Networking and VOIP Communication Systems.


    Email: ,

    Address: 31 Waris Road Lahore

ICTBroadcast Features

Voice Broadcasting

Voice Campaign: This is a simple voice broadcasting campaign also known as message campaign that dials numbers from a contact list, on answer by the recipient, plays recorded voice message and then hangs up.

Incoming Calls

Inbound Campaign: Inbound campaign works like IVR system. User publishes incoming numbers (DIDs) and interested callers call this/these number and listen a prerecorded voice message. If caller presses desired key, the call will be forwarded to live agents for further call handling.

Campaign Scheduling

You can schedule campaigns and can set a campaign to start and stop on a particular date, or time, as well as setting days of the week. Campaigns will automatically start and stop on the specified day and time. Learn more about ICTBroadcast
Scheduling allows users to control their campaigns and makes sure that a higher percentage of his/her customers respond to the automated calls. This also ensures that auto dialer does not disturb customers by calling them at night while sleeping or during office hours. ICTBroadcast also takes care of the timezone settings and makes schedule according to users timezone settings. Following is a brief description of campaign scheduling options:

Start campaign: Schedule campaign start it has following options
a) Immediately: Start campaign immediately just after creation
b) On Scheduled Time: Start campaign on selected data and time

Stop/Pause campaign: Schedule campaign stop time it has following options
a) When Done: Stop campaign when every thing is completed
On Scheduled Time: Stop campaign on selected data and time

Fax, Email, SMS Broadcasting

SMS Campaign: This campaign, just like any other campaign, simply broadcasts a text message to all the numbers from a contact list
Email Campaign: Email campaign sends email to the specified email address of each of your contact.

IVR Designer

IVR Designer allows you to create advanced telephony systems with a simple drag-and-drop interface. The user can pick any application from the toolbar area, then drag it to the main drawing area and drop it. This will create that application at the dropped location. Its drag-and-drop interface makes it easy for users to create voice response applications in a web browser.

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